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Beer is culture, history, seasonality, agriculture.

It has fueled revolutions and riots, technology and taxation, art, science, and politics. Join me for an adventure into the past, present, and future of beer. We’ll drink, eat, travel, and learn about the story of beer, and have a lot of fun in the process.

My business will soon be expanding into beer tourism group trips. I speak English, German, and French, and I’m in discussions with tour companies about leading various trips. Contact me about joining my next trip or about arranging a new trip for your group!

Trips I’ve created and done on my own, and could bring your group along on:
Oktoberfest & Bavaria:

2 days at Oktoberfest plus 5 days of brewery visits in Munich, the Alps, and on the Danube

Montana Flyfishing:

flyfish beneath the Big Sky by day and visit Rocky Mountain breweries in the evenings

Belgium & German Abbeys:

revere abbey beers at monasteries and convents

Sonoma County Bicycling:

bike to the breweries and farmstead dairies of Sonoma County

Belgian Cuisine à la Bière:

drink — and eat — your beer with Cuisine à la Bière

British Country Walks:

walk the trails between the breweries and cideries of the West Country

San Francisco Hilly Beer Hike:

walk the hills of San Francisco, from Bay to Breakers, to visit 10 breweries in a weekend

Italian Nuova Birra:

journey from Piemonte to Parma to witness the birth of a new beer culture driven by winemaking techniques and local foods, and, in between brewery visits, pair your beers with pasta and Parmigiano

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