Master Cicerone
Certified Sommelier
à la Bière
Bozeman, Montana
Master Cicerone
Consultant à la Bière

Making exceptional beer common and common beer exceptional.

Consultant à la Bière

Cuisine à la bière celebrates the right beers for every food and the right foods for every beer. Modeling my unique consultancy on finding the uniqueness of every beer, every company, and every opportunity, I call my position Consultant à la Bière. I partner with individuals, companies, and events to explore how the right beer and right approach can complement business, lifestyle, and community. I approach beer from all angles — brewing, serving, educating, studying, and selling — to bring nuance and insight to my services, classes, and events.

Cuisine à la Bière

Cuisine à la bière describes the seamless marriage of beer and food. The French-speaking Belgians use it as a commitment that beer deserves a place in the kitchen and at the table. Dining in Belgium, or any other region steeped in beer history, guarantees delicious beer and food pairings that are guided first by the soil and the season, then spill into the kitchen and the menu, before partnering on an afternoon nibble or fulfilling a great meal.


Video Prep Course for the Certified Cicerone® Exam

Video Course Certified Cicerone Preview Level-up your beer knowledge. Sit-in on class with Videos of Rich’s Prep Course Watch the Trailer and Videos On Demand!


  • “a highly articulate practitioner of the brewer’s craft” — Edible San Francisco Magazine
  • “Rich is a world-class teacher and his course is a great asset to anyone preparing for the Certified Cicerone exam. Passing the test would not have been possible without his guidance.” — Nick Reiser, Certified Cicerone, Redding, CA
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