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Bozeman, Montana
Master Cicerone
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Beer Events & Dinners

Beer events and beer pairing dinners are great ways to:
  • draw in new customers,
  • build loyalty among your regular customers,
  • show your commitment to unique, memorable, quality hospitality, and
  • generate publicity and get media coverage

All while bringing in revenue!

I can suggest the right events for your business and can help bring them to fruition. I apply all my creativity and expertise to my clients’ events, coming up with the concept and content for truly fun, unique, educational events that are valuable to the customer and to the venue. Several of my events have even become repeat series, helping the venues generate revenue and great relationships with the public and vendors, including:

  • Delarosa’s Annual SF Beer Week Beer & Food Pairing Menu
  • Rosamunde’s Annual Craft Beer & Sausage Eating Contest
  • Craneway Pavilion’s Annual Beer & Chocolate Festival
  • Social Kitchen & Brewery’s Weekly Köln & Düsseldorf Nights
  • Social Kitchen & Brewery’s Monthly Brewmaster’s Dinners

Depending on how innovative and high-quality the event is, it can be a great draw for media attention, too. The event should tell a story — whether it’s your restaurant’s story, the story of the beer, or something in between — it’s a great opportunity to send the right message about your love of food, drink, and hospitality.

A great event relies on balancing several key elements: creativity, uniqueness, quality, planning, promotion, proper price point, and opportunity/timing. There are many ways to incorporate all these elements, and when restaurants and bars get burned by a poorly attended or unprofitable event, it’s often because one or more of those key elements is missing. Events are not always smash hits, and they certainly don’t manage or run themselves; because they rely on several elements, there’s no silver bullet for a successful event. But involving me in your event from the start gives you a big leg up.

My beer events are a cut above and draw great business, I’ll work with you to monitor all the elements, and I’ll incorporate the right creativity, quality, partners, and opportunities — as well as the Master Cicerone credential.

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