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Beer Immersion: Regensburg

Rich Higgins Beer Immersions Travel – Educational Beer Tourism to Europe
Photo: Sunset over the Danube

Regensburg and Bavarian Countryside

Bavaria, Germany

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Likely breweries, visits, tours, and meals:

Weisses Bräuhaus Schneider (“Schneider Weisse”), Klosterbrauerei Weltenburg, Brauerei Michael Plank, Kneitinger, Spitalgarten, Historiche Wurstküche, and more!

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Map: Regensburg Location

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The Beer-tiful Blue Danube

The majestic Danube River flows through the heart of beautiful, historic Regensburg and beneath a stone arch bridge completed in 1146. Halfway across this bridge is an island, once the site of a hospital that brewed beer; only the brewery survived and now site is the Spital Biergarten. From underneath its chestnut trees, you can gaze across the river and see Regensburg’s many towers and spires, Regensburg’s main cathedral, and Europe’s longest-running sausage restaurant (opened for the bridge builders in the 1100s).

The largest German city to be untouched by Allied bombing in World War II, Regensburg’s old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is home to ancient Roman ruins, a university, and an amazing number of restaurants, bars, cafes, and cute shops — as well as three breweries. This is a fun city with tons of history.

Ferry trip through the Danube River Gorge to Weltenburg Abbey Brewery

Paradise of Weissbier, Dunkel, and Bock

Regensburg is also the Beer Immersion anchor for day trips to other amazing breweries in the area that help define Central Bavaria’s beer palate. We’ll take a ferry through the steep, forested Danube Gorge to reach the world’s oldest monastery brewery (brewing since 1050 AD) to drink impeccably fresh Weltenburger Barock Dunkel and Asam Bock. We’ll pay homage to Kelheim’s world-famous Schneider Brewery, which saved weissbier from near extinction in the late 1800s.

Another highlight: a visit to Plank Brewery, in the hills northwest of Regensburg, which has won more World Beer Cup medals than almost any brewery in the world. With rivers, breathtaking cliffs, rolling hills, ancient ruins, and medieval architecture, this is a beautiful and historical part of Europe. And with excellent restaurants and some of the finest breweries in world, Regensburg and its surrounding countryside is a must-visit hidden gem for eating and drinking!

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Special Beer Styles:

  • Weissbier: refreshing, unfiltered wheat beer with fruity-spicy aromas
  • Heller Weizenbock: extra strong version of weissbier
  • Dunkler Weizenbock: extra strong, dark, toasty version of weissbier
  • Dunkles: savory, smooth chocolatey lagers
  • Bock: strong, nutty, toffeeish, chocolatey lagers
  • Central-Bavarian-style pils: golden lager with bittersweet finish
  • plus: lots of refreshing Bavarian helles, a weizen-eisbock, and a few American-hopped rarities

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Local Dishes:

  • Gebratene Ente: roasted duck (quarter or half) with braised cabbage and large potato dumpling
  • Steinpilze in Rahm mit Semmelknödel: local wild porcini mushrooms in cream sauce with bread dumplings
  • Schweinsbraten in Dunkelbiersoße: roasted crispy-skin pork loin in dark beer sauce
  • Wurstsalat: thin slices of cold cooked sausage tossed with vinegar sauce, pickles, and red onion
  • Käsespätzle: soft flour dumplings with melted cheese and grilled onions
  • Apfelradln mit Vanilleeis: breaded apple-ring fritters with vanilla ice cream
  • Zwetschgen: delicious local plums, which feature in many desserts or sauces for meats

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Local Customs We’ll Join In On:

  • Starting the day with a rye bun (“kipferl”) of bratwurst from a 900-year-old sausage kitchen
  • Taking a ferry to 1000-year-old Weltenburg Abbey Brewery: a pilgrimage for beer
  • Enjoying the world’s best weissbier while snacking on weisswurst sausage
  • Sitting beneath chestnut trees, sipping beers on the banks of the Danube

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Local Non-Beer Sights We’ll See:

  • Regensburg St. Peter’s Cathedral, Old Stone Bridge, Ancient Roman Porta Praetoria, Salt Warehouse, Altes Rathaus, Europe’s Oldest Sausage House
  • UNESCO World Heritage Old Town
  • Weltenburg Abbey, Baroque Weltenburg Chapel, Romantic-Era hilltop monument Befreiungshalle, Weltenburg Beach
  • Danube River, Danube Gorge, trains and walks through the hilly countryside

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Places I’ve Enjoyed Staying At:

  • ACHAT Plaza Herzog am Dom, Domplatz 3, Regensburg
  • website ~ TripAdvisor

    • nice, spacious rooms and in-room modern bathrooms in a medium-size hotel, with elevator
    • located in the heart of the Old Town/Altstadt, across from St. Peter’s Cathedral and with Weltenburger’s Regensburg Biergarten in rear courtyard, surrounded by restaurants, bars, and shops
    • from hotel: 10-min walk to the train station; 0-min walk into the historic heart of the Old Town/Altstadt
  • Bohemian Hotel, Gesandtenstrasse 12, Regensburg
  • website ~ TripAdvisor

    • nice rooms and in-room modern bathrooms in a charming, small hotel with centuries-old vibe; 3 floors tall, *no elevator*
    • located across from Holy Trinity (Dreieinigkeit) Church and steps from Bismarckplatz State Theater, surrounded by restaurants, bars, and shops
    • from hotel: 15-min walk to the train station; 2-min walk to the historic heart of the Old Town/Altstadt

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Photo: Beer Journey Tasting Notebook and Guide

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