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Over the past decade, the craft beer scene has snowballed into a blizzard of new beers and sales opportunities.

The list of great breweries, beer bars, and restaurants is a mile long, and every week seems to add a new brewery, mash-up beer style, new package format, new restaurants and bars, new media coverage, and, most importantly, thirsty new consumers.

How does your portfolio of beers translate to the thirsty masses, and to the businesses that represent your brands? How do you measure up to your competition?

It’s hard to stay on top of it all, so let me play matchmaker. Let me help you connect with repeat buyers of your beers, and let me help you brew, brand, or buy the beers that will resonate with your customers. From my years of experience as a Brewmaster and my years consulting with retailers on beer purchasing, I can help your beers move and making you money.

Take a minute to think about your business:
  • As a brewery how do you brew beers that are high-quality, consistent, and delicious?
  • As a brewery how do you brand and market your beers in ways that capture your brewery’s spirit while resonating with retailers and consumers?
  • As an importer how do you select the right breweries to represent, the right bottle and keg formats, and support your beers across the culture and language divide in order to sell well in the US?
  • As a distributor how do you develop the right portfolio of brands and how do you train your staff to represent them successfully to retailers?

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