Master Cicerone
Certified Sommelier
à la Bière
Bozeman, Montana
Master Cicerone
Consultant à la Bière

Distributors & Importers

In an industry with such growing demand and diversity of supply, the two-fold needs of acquiring the right brands and having the expertise to sell them are incredibly demanding.

I see these needs as opportunities, and want to help your management and sales staff navigate them.

With my knowledge of beers, brewing trends, and retail opportunities, I’ll help your company:

  • Train and build expertise about your brands
  • Train and build expertise about your market
  • Train and build expertise about your competition
  • Train your staff for Cicerone credentials, giving your company unparalleled credibility with your suppliers and your accounts
  • Assess your all your portfolio opportunities
  • Identify your accounts’ needs, trends, and opportunities
  • Acquire the right brands
  • Help your foreign and out-of-market imports translate to and resonate in your markets
Cicerone Exam Preparation

Furthermore, your sales staff may be candidates for credentials within the Cicerone Certification Program — Certified Beer Servers, Certified Cicerones, and Master Cicerones. Because Cicerone credentials establish expertise and instill customer confidence, they can increase sales and open doors to new sales and opportunities. I’ll train and prepare your staff for confidence and success on the Cicerone Certification Program exams.

Sample services to beer wholesalers:
  • training of management and staff on brewing, beer styles, flavor profiles, and market trends
  • guided tastings of your beers to teach about the beers’ positions within beer styles
  • guided tastings of your beers alongside competitors’ beers to determine opportunities and selling points relative to competitors’ beers
  • guided tastings of your beers with food pairings to teach food pairing strategies, specific pairings, and identify food pairings at specific accounts and demographics
  • evaluation of supplier and brand portfolios to determine demographic and market relevance, opportunities, and strategies
  • recommendations on new suppliers and styles that would sell well in your market, to existing and new accounts
  • Certified Cicerone Program exam preparation
  • event development and assistance

A Word On Competition

It’s essential to know where your brands fit into beer’s big picture and how they measure up against the competition. I’ll help you do unbiased comparison so that your staff is prepared to take on the competition in the marketplace. My goal is to make it profitable for everyone in the beer business to treat beer well and get it in the hands of the consumer. I stay out of inter-business politics and don’t do biased or preferential trainings. As a knowledgable beer expert and a great teacher, I want to help your sales staff be as knowledgable as possible to represent your brands as best as possible.

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