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Corporate Events

Photo by Ahna Kennedy

Photo by Ahna Kennedy

Group Beer Events are perfect for your office, club, or group of friends, from groups of 5 to 500.

I offer fun team-building events centered around beer and education. The events can include any of the following:

  • guided beer and food tasting seminar including a presentation and beer tasting (1-2 hours, 4-6 beers, food pairing options)
  • beer reception combining a social format, a curated beer list, and casual beer education (1-2 hours, 4-6 beers, cheese and chocolate pairing options, central bar or tasting stations)
  • beer-paired meal buffet or seated multi-course, at a restaurant or coordinated with your caterer (2-3 hours)
  • multi-brewery tour on-foot or in your chartered limo or bus (2-8 hours, 2-5 breweries)
  • webinar for your teams, near and far

Download my Group Beer Event PDF.

Event content is tailored to whatever theme and level of detail you like — beer styles, region, season, novice, connoisseur, etc. — based on what suits your group or team-building project.

  • Beer 101
  • Holiday beer
  • College beer myths
  • Beer and tailgating food
  • Belgian Beer
  • Terroir in Beer
  • Beer, cheese, & chocolate
  • any theme you like!

The seminars and events are all a ton of fun — people rave about them. Learn about beer, hone your palate, and taste what all the beer buzz is about!

Rates are charged per-head based on event content and duration; additional travel rates outside of San Francisco may apply. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions or ideas for your next event. Cheers!

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