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Beer & Food Pairing Menus


Brewmaster’s Dinner Series at Social Kitchen and Brewery, July 2010-January 2012

The monthly BMD series was a collection of 18, unique, four-course, omnivore- or vegetarian-option, prix fixe dinners with beer pairings poured and presented table-side by the brewmaster, all for just $30-$40 — can’t beat it. Social Kitchen and Brewery was without a chef for several months, so I wrote all the food recipes during that time, too, which was really fun. Then super-talented cuisine à la bière chef Tyler Morrish joined as a guest chef, running his pop-up Brewmaster’s Dinner kitchen out of a tiny corner of the SKB kitchen, which was cooking full dinner service for the rest of the dining room. Running those dinners with Tyler and the rest of the SKB staff were some of the most fun times I’ve had in a restaurant.

“Ode to Old San Francisco”
A menu inspired by classic flavors of the City by the Bay including a chocolate-huckleberry “It’s It” ice cream sandwich paired with Liquidator, my doppelbock
“Mexican Hop Farm”
A menu with produce entirely grown by Marty and Claudia Kuchinski, farmers of my organic California hops including purple tomatillo soup with hop-scented chile oil paired with Social Kölsch, my Köln-style golden ale

A menu of Thai-Italian mash-up dishes including cinnamon-coconut rice pudding and candied pine nuts paired with Vidal Saison, my oak-aged imperial saison
“Beer Breakfast”
A dinner menu inspired by breakfast including potato-parsnip hash browns with all of the Waffle House options, paired with Rapscallion, my Belgian-style strong golden ale

“Desserted Island”
A menu inspired by desserts including a “Candy-Corn Dog” with snickerdoodle black-eyed peas, and Kool-Aid pickles paired with Old Time Alt, my Düsseldorf-style altbier
A menu inspired by cafeteria food including a vegetarian Mystery Meat Sloppy Joe made with housemade “brewers malt tofu” (sweet-wort-infused malt protein from the brew kettle)

Other Event Menus

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a variety of chefs, beverage directors, and restaurants on beer-paired event menus. Sometimes, we collaborate on a menu from scratch, and other times the chef pairs food to my beer selections or I pair beers to the chef’s dishes. Here’s a selection from among the dozens of pairing menus I’ve collaborated on.

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New York City




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