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Bozeman, Montana
Master Cicerone
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Grocery & Liquor Stores

Today’s off-premise landscape requires liquor stores to sell craft beer and quality imported beers.

But which beers should you carry? How do you increase beer sales? How do you encourage customers to buy multiple beers, along with food and glassware, at the same time? How can you encourage wine and spirits customers to add a couple beers to their purchase? How do you keep people coming back to your store?

In San Francisco today, there are about 6 premium beer stores that receive cross-town business and out-of-town pilgrimages. How can you add your store to that list?

I can help you with all of these opportunities, and with proven methods I can refine your beer offerings and add organization, promotions, and content that drives customer curiosity, satisfaction, and sales dollars.

  • achieve higher beer sales volume
  • sell old inventory
  • reduce time in inventory
  • be better able to purchase and sell unique beer releases
  • command the off-premise quality beer market in your neighborhood
  • increase business from surrounding neighborhoods
  • raise awareness among San Francisco’s huge market of craft beer and quality beverage enthusiasts
Sample of Services for Grocery & Liquor Stores
Refinement of Beer Program
  • Evaluation of existing beer inventory and beers absent
  • Assessment of beer sales, goals, and distributor logistics
  • Identification of opportunities and adjustment of beer offerings
  • outreach to media and bloggers
  • evaluation of branding and advertising
Adding Value to Your Inventory
  • cellaring program
  • Cicerone Program and Beer Judge Certification Program cross-referencing
  • virtual “tours”
  • glassware purchasing and education
  • curating public tastings and events
Staff Training and Infrastructure
  • Training of service staff, including selling points, beer descriptions, food pairing suggestions, proper glassware
  • Organization of inventory, labeling of style and thematic sections
  • In-store marketing: shelf talkers, educational flyers
  • In-store merchandise cross-promotions
  • Beer of the Month Club
  • Quarterly/monthly featured brewery
Retainer Contract
  • oversight of beer sales and quality
  • training of new staff
  • continued training of retained staff
  • seasonal beer opportunities
  • communication about beer trends and market
  • availability for troubleshooting any issues and answering questions
  • promotion and publicity
  • quarterly, semi-annual, or yearly basis
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