Master Cicerone
Certified Sommelier
à la Bière
Bozeman, Montana
Master Cicerone
Consultant à la Bière


Your business wins with the right beer!

I help optimize your beer sales, service, and marketing, helping across the spectrum with brewing refinement, purchasing decisions, equipment operations, staff training, and public relations. I offer a huge range of beer services and tailor them to your organization and your opportunities.

I’ll keep your beer flowing by:
  • helping breweries brew the beer that’s right for them and target the right purchasers
  • helping restaurants and bottle shops buy the right beers and craft the hospitality that brings business in the door
  • helping your staff see the value and taste the story in every beer you sell
Beer should be a win-win for everyone involved.

Click on the services, below, for more information on how we can work together to:

  • build business-to-business revenue and profit
  • influence retail dollars, demographic capture, distinction, and press-worthiness
  • ensure beer drinker education, enthusiasm, and experience
  • build and brand unique, valuable events
  • make your business a whole lot of fun

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