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Rich Higgins Consulting Services

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Restaurants, Bars,
Taprooms & Brewpubs

Are your beer sales stuck?
Does your beer program need revitalization?

Let me help!

  • increase your profits and check average!
  • increase FOH staff tips, knowledge and ease-of-sales!
  • increase the guest experience and perceived value of your offerings!
  • make your beer taste better and sell better!

Staff Training

  • Beer 101/201
  • Descriptive technique – the most efficient, effective way to talk about beer with guests
  • Motivation and aligning staff goals selling with confidence, knowledge and authenticity
  • Reduce spill rate with proper pouring, proper crowler filling, beer-clean glassware, reducing unnecessary sampler pours with proper menu design and well-trained servers
  • Guided staff tasting of some/all of your beers
  • Under-21 staff beer description and flavor training for staff that can’t taste beer
  • Upsells food and beer pairing, beer to-go, developing and sharing personal preferences
  • Common guest scenarios and role plays
  • Beer knowledge quizzes that can be linked to incentives
  • Exam prep for the Certified Beer Server exam (Cicerone Level 1) or Certified Cicerone (Cicerone Level 2)
  • Beer for Sommeliers – commonalities, differences, vocabulary and level-setting for wine servers from a Master Cicerone and Certified Sommelier

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Photo: Pouring Draft Beer

Draft System Audit

  • reduce foaming & spill rate
  • improve refrigeration & pour temperature
  • cleanliness & maintenance impacts on flavor
  • applied gas pressures and CO2/N2 blends
  • equipment inspection and upgrade guidance

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Brewery Consulting

  • beer quality: flavor, consistency, QA/QC
  • beer accuracy to style
  • beer, brand & market match: appropriateness of your beers to your brand & market
  • efficiency & lowering COGS
  • brewery installation & permitting
  • commissioning, SOPs & recipes

Written Beer Menu

  • intuitive categories and order of beers
  • beer details/descriptions that are accurate, effective and with the appropriate info


  • appropriate for your brand and market
  • right number of different glassware types
  • cleanliness, washing, storage

Food & Beer Pairing

  • valuable specific pairings: unique, flagships, support the brand, designed to push high-margin items, etc.
  • broad pairings that are easy-to-remember for staff: any appetizer recommend Beer X, recommend the porter for any burger, recommend the fried chicken sandwich with any beer, etc.
  • which pairings to highlight on the written menu

Communications & Marketing

  • beer messaging and content on your website
  • beer and food content in your social media
  • internal communication between brewery, FOH, management, events, and social media

My rates are lower than you’d expect!

I charge hospitality businesses $150/hour | $1000 day rate | $500 half-day rate

Contact me
Let’s discuss your pain points and how I can help!

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Client Testimonials & Media Mentions

From a client whom I designed a new draft system for:
“Dude the thing is absolutely a beast! The head is great, the temp is perfect, cold box is working better with the rubber curtains! No tweaks needed. Beer waste has dropped to just 5% (was 25%).

The beertenders are always saying how much easier their days are. You can’t really put a price on that kind of joy. Could not have done it without ya!”

– Jeremy Mayo, Head of Brewery Ops, Smith Alley Brewing Co., Sheridan, WY

“Rich Higgins’ excellent reputation precedes him! Not only did Rich’s classes bring in a lively group during a usually quiet time during Dry January, but the infusion of money from the classes was terrific, and we also made more money outside the class because attendees came early and stayed later to enjoy some more beverages. (Our sales for those two class days were up 40% from the previous year’s class.) Informative, educational, entertaining; Rich Higgins’ beer classes are all that and more in a fun, supportive environment. We can’t wait for the next round!”

– Lisa Morrison, co-owner, Belmont Station, Portland, OR

“There’s nothing like having someone whose expertise you really trust walk you through what’s going on in a glass.”

– Sam Gilbert, Founder & CEO of Temescal Brewing Co., Oakland, CA

“Plain and simple, Rich makes beer interesting and exciting! Through every aspect of planning, he was a partner in making my corporate event a huge success, following through on every detail from contract development, sourcing, and venue relations, to help with budget compliance, promotions and set-up. Rich is a consummate professional who truly loves what he does! I wouldn’t hesitate to refer him to anyone wanting a unique program for an upcoming event.”

– Heather Ciranna, Marketing Production Mgr, Wolters Kluwer Health, Hudson, OH

“I really enjoyed Rich’s draft systems class. Rich takes a topic that is not inherently interesting, but of crucial importance, and makes it accessible and digestible. A great introduction to a challenging topic, served up with humor and informed by true expertise on the topic.”

– Draft Systems and Off-Flavors Class Student

Rich is “incredibly eloquent and breathes his global view and avant-garde spirit into cuisine à la biere.”

– DRAFT Magazine

Rich’s tasting class is “a special class neophytes and serious drinkers can benefit from”

– The Washington Post

Rich Teaching - Photo by Ahna Kennedy