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MT Ale Works Discounted Tickets

Rich Higgins Beer School
at Montana Ale Works
Summer 2019

Free tickets available to the employees, management, and owners of Montana Ale Works.

Thanks for your interest in my beer classes, and thanks for all your hard work at Ale Works!

You’re currently on just a simple webpage with instructions on free registration. For full class info, please click on this link:

  • Rich Higgins Beer School

  • Become a Better Beer Taster
    Sunday, 6/16/19, 1:00 – 4:00 PM
    reg price: $40
    MT Ale Works Price: free, for the first 5 employees to claim a seat
    click for class info

  • Please email me (click here or just email me directly at to be added to the MT Ale Works attendee list.
  • You are not registered until you have received an email confirmation from me.
  • I have reserved 5 spots for Ale Works’ staff/managers/owners. If these 5 spots have been filled, then regular ticket price ($40) applies.

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