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Liquid Bread Podcast

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a podcast for people who like beer
and people who don’t know they like beer.

Brought to you by Matty, Larry & Rich —
@mattysmiff, @talentedmrbates & @maltyrich

Laugh, learn and listen as three friends strike up a fun,
casual conversation about all things beer.

Each episode, we:

  • dive into an important beer topic (i.e.: ale vs. lagers, pilsners, Belgian abbey ales, buying tips, pouring technique, food and beer pairing, etc.)
  • answer listener questions
  • plus Rich leads a tasting on a pre-selected beer so you can taste along at home.

Have a beer question for Rich? Tweet at us @liquidbreadpod or email us at liquidbreadpodcast @ gmail dot com.

New episode every 2 weeks!

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