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Bozeman, Montana
Master Cicerone
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Restaurants, Bars & Hotels

The Proper Beer Menu
Too many beer menus are “on autopilot,” lacking direction and profitability. I can help you source beers you want to sell. My beer menus will enhance your food and image, complement your wine program, boost your beer sales and add to your bottom line. And don’t worry: I’m not on a quest to implement lengthy beer menus with rare bottlings for every restaurant. A focused, efficient beer list is usually more appropriate and cost-effective than a lofty, wide-ranging menu.
Kegs in Service
Capitalize on Beer & Food Pairing
Oysters and Engle Weisse
Beer pairing is a under-appreciated art in this country, but now that there is great availability of and consumer interest in quality beers, it’s time to capitalize on what brewers and chefs have known for a long time — that beer is fantastic with food. Craft beer offers such a vast range of tastes, aromas, and mouthfeel that beautiful pairings with any food are always possible. There is a beer for every food and a food for every beer. Consider your passion for fantastic food, wine, and cocktails and how they’re mixed and paired together. If beer has been a second thought, then allow me to make it my first thought.
Sample of Services for Restaurants, Bars, & Hotels
Beer Menu Curation
  • Evaluation of existing beer menu, beers present, and beers absent
  • Assessment of beer cost, sales, goals, and distributor logistics
  • Adjustment of beer menu
  • Drafting of beer descriptions, pairing suggestions, and technical sheets
Beer Pairings, Events, and Dinners
  • Developing beer flights, educational tastings, and à la carte pairings
  • Curating special pairing menus with beer pairings for each course
  • Guest Cicerone/Sommelier service to introduce and serve the beer pairings
  • In-house and media event promotion
Staff Training
  • Training of service staff on the beers offered, including how to sell and present the beers
  • Training on draft system operation
  • Drafting of beer descriptions, pairing suggestions, and technical sheets
Draft System Optimization
  • Optimize flow rate, foam, temperature, and cleanliness
  • Training on draft system operation and cleaning
Retainer Contract
  • oversight of beer sales and quality
  • training of new staff
  • continued training of retained staff
  • seasonal beer opportunities
  • communication about beer trends and market
  • availability for troubleshooting any issues and answering questions
  • promotion and publicity
  • quarterly, semi-annual, or yearly basis
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